Nicolas Le Corre

Université Laval
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Frederic Guichard
Ladd E. Johnson, Université Laval
Start: 2007-06-01
End: 2013-03-30


Variability of recruitment and connectivity within a marine metapopulation
My doctoral work at Université Laval, codirected by Dr. Frédéric Guichard (McGill), deals with recruitment and connectivity within marine metapopulations, my model being the blue mussel (Mytilus spp.) in the St. Lawrence maritime estuary. I study spatiotemporal variability of recruitment at different scales, and especially temporal variations of the type of recruitment (primary vs. secondary). I also work on assessing connectivity distances and their variability among local populations.


metapopulation, benthic ecology, marine ecology, recruitment, connectivity


1- Variation in recruitment: differentiating the roles of primary and secondary settlement of blue mussels, Mytilus spp.
Le Corre, N, AL Martel, F Guichard, LE Johnson
2013 Marine Ecology Progress Series