Marielle Babineau

Université de Montréal
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Anne Bruneau
Start: 2010-05-01
End: 2013-01-15


Molecular Systematics and biogeography of three endangered malagasy genera: Delonix, Colvillea, and Lemuropisum (Leguminosae)
The interspecific and intergeneric phylogenetic relationships among genera Delonix, Colvillea, and Lemuropisum are unresolved. This limits conservation efforts in Madagascar as a majority of species are endemic to this biodiversity hotspot, and it also limits the assessment of conflicting biogeographic hypotheses concerning the dispersal of plants between Africa and Madagascar. The phylogeny is reconstructed using multiple plastid and nuclear loci, the resulting topology is used in molecular dating analyses and ancestral geographic range reconstruction analyses.


Madagascar, Leguminosae, biogeography, systématique, Conservation, taxonomie, plant dispersal, Delonix