Noa Davidai

Concordia University
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Carly Ziter
Emma Despland
Start: 2022-01-01


Dispersal and Survival of Invasive Defoliating Moths
Is there a correlation of high human-use areas in a park on the dispersal of Ldd during an outbreak? Is there any potential effectiveness of egg mass removals from areas of trees protected from most extreme winter cold? What are infectious factors mitigating overwintering survival of Ldd egg masses? Is there oviposition preference of the female spongy moth, in regards to tree species, forest composition, and height on trees?


spongy moth, invasive moths, insect dispersal, oviposition, moth parasitoid


1- The importance of natural habitats to Brazilian free-tailed bats in intensive agricultural landscapes in the Winter Garden region of Texas, United States
Davidai, Noa, John K. Westbrook, Jean-Philippe Lessard, Thomas G. Hallam, Gary F. McCracken
2015 Biological Conservation