Apolline Maurin

Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Claude Guertin
Philippe Constant
Start: 2021-01-18
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The role of biotic and abiotic determinants on microbial communities associated with Conophthorus coniperda
The white pine cone borer, Conophthorus coniperda (Schwarz), is a pest of white pine seed orchards. It attacks the cones, causing them to stop developing and fall. This cryptic insect begins its development cycle inside the cones, on the ground. To survive, this bark beetle probably interacts with a set of microorganisms whose dynamism allows it to adapt to an environment which can be considered hostile at first sight. Thus, in this project, we hope to observe and demonstrate that biotic and abiotic determinants influence the dynamics of microbial communities associated with C. coniperda during its development. The identification of the involvement of these determinants in the organization of the microbiome of the white pine cone borer would allow a better understanding of the success of the establishment of this insect on its host and could, in the long run, lead to the development of efficient control strategies against this pest.


Conophthorus coniperda, Microbiome, écologie microbienne, entomologie