Shan Kothari

Université de Montréal
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Etienne Laliberté
Start: 2020-08-01
End: 2022-07-31
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Characterizing the range of leaf spectral variation


Reflectance spectroscopy, functional traits, Photosynthesis, competition, Facilitation


1- Community-wide consequences of variation in photoprotective physiology among prairie plants
Kothari, S., J. Cavender-Bares, K. Bitan, A. S. Verhoeven, R. Wang, R. A. Montgomery, J. A. Gamon
2018 Photosynthetica

2- Influence of species richness, evenness, and composition on optical diversity: A simulation study
Wang, Ran, John A. Gamon, Anna K. Schweiger, Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Philip A. Townsend, Arthur I. Zygielbaum, Shan Kothari
2018 Remote Sensing of Environment

3- The role of diversification in community assembly of the oaks ( Quercus L.) across the continental U.S.
Cavender‐Bares, Jeannine, Shan Kothari, José Eduardo Meireles, Matthew A. Kaproth, Paul S Manos, Andrew L. Hipp
2018 American Journal of Botany

4- Past tree influence and prescribed fire exert strong controls on reassembly of mountain grasslands after tree removal
Halpern, Charles B., Joseph A. Antos, Shan Kothari, Annette M. Olson
2019 Ecological Applications

5- Context Dependence of Local Adaptation to Abiotic and Biotic Environments: A Quantitative and Qualitative Synthesis
Briscoe Runquist, Ryan D., Amanda J. Gorton, Jeremy B. Yoder, Nicholas J. Deacon, Jake J. Grossman, Shan Kothari, Marta P. Lyons, Seema N. Sheth, Peter Tiffin, David A. Moeller
2020 The American Naturalist

6- Physiological responses to light explain competition and facilitation in a tree diversity experiment
Kothari, Shan, Rebecca A. Montgomery, Jeannine Cavender‐Bares,
2021 Journal of Ecology

7- Potential ecological impacts of climate intervention by reflecting sunlight to cool Earth
Zarnetske, Phoebe L., Jessica Gurevitch, Janet Franklin, Peter M. Groffman, Cheryl S. Harrison, Jessica J. Hellmann, Forrest M. Hoffman, Shan Kothari, Alan Robock, Simone Tilmes, Daniele Visioni, Jin Wu, Lili Xia, Cheng-En Yang
2021 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

8- Coupling spectral and resource-use complementarity in experimental grassland and forest communities
Schweiger, Anna K., Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Shan Kothari, Philip A. Townsend, Michael D. Madritch, Jake J. Grossman, Hamed Gholizadeh, Ran Wang, John A. Gamon
2021 Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences