Guillaume Rheault

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Raphaël Proulx
Esther Lévesque, UQTR
Start: 2015-05-01
End: 2021-10-29


Influence of climate and floristic diversity on the phenology of freely assembled plant communities.


1- Diversity of plant assemblages dampens the variability of the growing season phenology in wetland landscapes
Rheault, Guillaume, Esther Lévesque, Raphaël Proulx
2021 BMC Ecology and Evolution

2- Importance of the study context in community assembly processes: a quantitative synthesis of forest bird communities
Martin, Charles A., Patricia Bolduc, Vincent Rainville, Guillaume Rheault, Louis Desrochers, Matteo Giacomazzo, Irene T. Roca, Andrea Bertolo, Raphaël Proulx
2018 Ecosphere

3- Shifting song frequencies in response to anthropogenic noise: a meta-analysis on birds and anurans
Roca, Irene T., Louis Desrochers, Matteo Giacomazzo, Andrea Bertolo, Patricia Bolduc, Raphaël Deschesnes, Charles A. Martin, Vincent Rainville, Guillaume Rheault, Raphaël Proulx
2016 Behavioral Ecology

4- How much biomass do plant communities pack per unit volume?
Proulx, Raphaël, Guillaume Rheault, Laurianne Bonin, Irene Torrecilla Roca, Charles A. Martin, Louis Desrochers, Ian Seiferling
2015 PeerJ

5- Plant species richness prolongs the growing season of freely assembled riparian herbaceous communities under dry climatic conditions
Rheault, Guillaume, Raphaël Proulx, Laurianne Bonin
2015 Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

6- A digital photography protocol for the rapid assessment of herbaceous communities in riparian buffers
Bonin, Laurianne, Raphaël Proulx, Guillaume Rheault
2014 Riparian Ecology and Conservation

7- Dermal melanin concentration of yellow perch Perca flavescens in relation to water transparency
Rheault, G., M. Langevin, G. Cabana, H. Glémet
2015 Journal of Fish Biology