Patricia Denis

Université Laval
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Valérie Fournier
Caroline Halde
Start: 2021-01-18
End: 2023-04-10


Impact of in-rows perennial cover crops on auxiliary arthropods in vineyard
Quebec northern climate requires vigneron to protect the vines during winter. Protective geotextile, instead of hilling, reduces soil disturbance. Therefore allows the establishment of perennial cover crops on the row which, traditionally, is bare soil. This practice aims to reduce the agricultural weeds competing with vine and affect production as well as the fruit quality. However, few studies assess the integration of perennial cover crops in viticulture and its impact on the ecosystem under the canopy. Futhermore, if it will promote auxiliary insects. The master's project evaluate the populations of soil arthropods in order to understand the influence of these new crops on the vineyard biodiversity and the crop auxiliaries.


culture de couverture, Auxiliaire de culture., Viticulture, Agriculture biologique, Interaction plante-insecte, Arthropodes bénéfiques, Agronomie, Biologie végétale