Charlotte Hagelstam-Renshaw

Université de Montréal
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Anne Bruneau
Start: 2020-05-18
End: 2022-11-22


Biome evolution in the legume subfamily Cercidoideae (Fabaceae).
Cercidoideae species are found in many biomes around the world. The main objective of my project is to study biome shifts in a phylogenetic context, determining the extent to which there have been biome shifts or biome conservatism throughout the evolution of Cercidoideae lineages. This will allow us to better understand the evolutionary dynamics of plant species distribution through space and time. To better identify potential factors underlying the ability of certain groups to shift biomes more easily, we will also consider some functional traits, including plant growth form (arborescent, lianescent or shrubby).


Conservatisme de biome, Changement de biome, Modélisation de répartition d'espèces, phylogénie, biogéographie, Traits fonctionnels, Biome shifts, Species distribution modelling , phylogeny, biogeography, functional traits, Biome conservatism