Marie-Eve Monchamp

McGill University
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Irene Gregory-Eaves
Melania Cristescu
Start: 2019-09-16
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Metagenomic analysis of metazoan diversity across Canadian lakes
Global changes threaten lake ecosystems and facilitate invasions by non-native species, which may greatly modify ecosystems and reduce services derived from lakes. Environmental DNA (eDNA) approaches are broadly used to assess biodiversity trends in aquatic environments. Environmental metagenomics (shotgun sequencing of an environmental sample) has recently emerged as a powerful approach to recover taxonomic and genetic diversity of whole taxonomic groups of plants and animals from water and sediment. The main goals of my project are to 1- determine the effectiveness of metagenomes of water samples in detecting metazoan diversity, and 2- determine how diversity derived from metagenomes compares with metabarcoding and morphologically-identified datasets. In a first step, I will validate the approach using datasets of zooplankton and rotifers and in a second step, I will extend the study to other groups of aquatic metazoans (e.g. fish and molluscs). This project is part of the LakePulse Network, a pan-Canadian initiative that aims at assessing the health of lakes across the country.


Environmental DNA, biodiversity, environmental metagenomics, paleogenetics, climate change


1- High dispersal levels and lake warming are emergent drivers of cyanobacterial community assembly in peri-Alpine lakes
Monchamp, Marie-Eve, Piet Spaak, Francesco Pomati
2019 Scientific Reports

2- Using DNA from formaldehyde-preserved Daphnia to reconstruct past populations
Turko, Patrick, Justyna Wolinska, Christoph Tellenbach, Marcin Krzysztof Dziuba, Marie-Eve Monchamp, Piet Spaak
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3- Long Term Diversity and Distribution of Non-photosynthetic Cyanobacteria in Peri-Alpine Lakes
Monchamp, Marie-Eve, Piet Spaak, Francesco Pomati
2019 Frontiers in Microbiology

4- Homogenization of lake cyanobacterial communities over a century of climate change and eutrophication
Monchamp, Marie-Eve, Piet Spaak, Isabelle Domaizon, Nathalie Dubois, Damien Bouffard, Francesco Pomati
2017 Nature Ecology & Evolution

5- Sedimentary and egg-bank DNA from 3 European lakes reveal concurrent changes in the composition and diversity of cyanobacterial and Daphnia communities
Monchamp, Marie-Eve, Ioana Enache, Patrick Turko, Francesco Pomati, Geta Rîşnoveanu, Piet Spaak
2017 Hydrobiologia

6- Nitrogen Forms Influence Microcystin Concentration and Composition via Changes in Cyanobacterial Community Structure
Marie-Eve Monchamp, Frances R. Pick, Beatrix E. Beisner, Roxane Maranger
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7- Sedimentary DNA Reveals Cyanobacterial Community Diversity over 200 Years in Two Perialpine Lakes
Monchamp, Marie-Eve, Jean-Claude Walser, Francesco Pomati, Piet Spaak,
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