Florence Blanchard

Université de Montréal
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Etienne Laliberté
Anne Bruneau
Start: 2019-09-01
End: 2021-08-31


Phylogenetic structure of leaf spectra and traits among temperate tree species
My project will explore the hypothesis that spectral signatures can be structured according to the evolutive relations between organisms (i.e phylogeny). Spectral signatures represent the result of light's interaction with leaves in the form of a spectrum of wavelengths ranging from visible to far-infrared. These spectra reveal a series of functional traits linked to leaf biochemistry, structure and morphology, and thus produce a pattern unique to each species. Because traits result from adaptions gained throughout evolution history, the goal is to explore phylogenetic information contained in the spectra from trees of Quebec. My project is part of the Canadian airborne biodiversity observatory (CABO), researching the multiple application of spectranomics and airbone spectroscopy for the study of vegetal communities


functional ecology, Leaf functional traits, spectroscopy, Hyperspectral imagery, community phylogenetics, plant biodiversity


1- La tourbière de la base de plein air de Sainte-Foy : quatre décennies de changements floristiques
Blanchard, Florence, Stéphanie Pellerin, Monique Poulin
2018 Le Naturaliste canadien