Gabrielle Rimok

Concordia University
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Pedro Peres-Neto
Start: 2019-09-03
End: 2021-12-17


The effects of spatial patterns of climate on the structure of global anuran communities
Amphibians are currently experiencing a 6th mass extinction. With climate change, we can expect to lose amphibians faster than anticipated. I am specifically interested in the the way anurans (frogs and toads) move in space and time and how climate change will affect this. I will be testing the hypothesis that spatial patterns in climate are related to anuran distribution, and in particular to the distribution of specialists and generalists to compose local communities. I will also be assessing how future anuran communities will reassemble given the predicted changes in spatial distribution of climates. Increases in spatial homogeneity should select for specialists while a decreases in homogeneity should select for generalist species. With the findings generated by this research, I hope to contribute to a larger understanding of anuran biogeography and spatial ecology, as well as the application and creation of conservation strategies for speices most at risk of climate change.


Anurans, biogeography, Spatial Ecology, Changements climatiques/Climate changes, community ecology, diversity, Spatial Distribution, amphibians, Spatiotemporal statistics, GIS, R