Samuel Seuru

Université de Montréal
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Liliana Perez
Ariane Burke
Ariane Burke, Université de Montréal
Start: 2017-09-05
End: 2022-10-01


Simulation of the distribution of large herbivores according to paleoclimatic reconstructions during MIS 3 and comparison with hominin population distributions
This PhD project aims to establish a dynamic model of the distribution of prehistoric populations and the large herbivores that constituted their main food source during the last Glacial in Western Europe. The objective is to study the behavior of the main species of prey on which humans depended, ie the large herbivores that were inhabiting the European continent. Through agent-based models the objective focuses on interactions (prey / predators) and their impact on the organization and mobility of human populations.


Agent Based Modeling, large herbivores, Last Glacial, Western Europe, Mobility, human populations, prey/predators interactions


1- Woolly mammoth and Man at Krasnoyarskaya Kurya site, West Siberian Plain, Russia (excavation results of 2014)
Samuel Seuru, Sergey Leshchinskiy, Patrick Auguste, Nikita Fedyaev,
2017 Bulletin de la Société géologique de France