Jorge Negrín Dastis

McGill University
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez
Alison Derry
Start: 2018-01-08
End: 2020-06-01


Evolutionary rescue in aquatic freshwater metacommunities exposed to multiple stressors
I'm interested in applying a metacommunity approach to understanding the eco-evolutionary dynamics of freshwater ecosystems, and in particular, advancing research on the importance of evolutionary history, connectivity and their interaction, as key ingredients conferring adaptive resistance and/or compensation to aquatic metacommunities across diverse and complex heterogeneous landscapes.


maladaptation, aquatic ecology, zooplankton, Biodiversity Conservation


1- Phenotype-environment mismatch in metapopulations - implications for the maintenance of maladaptation at the regional scale
Negrín Dastis, Jorge Octavio, Russell Milne, Frederic Guichard, Alison Margaret Derry
2019 Evolutionary Applications

2- A fish-mediated trophic cascade on freshwater calanoid copepod abundance is concealed by food web fatty acid availability, functional traits and population sex ratio
Negrín Dastis, Jorge Octavio, Matthew C Yates, Dylan John Fraser, Alison Margaret Derry
2018 Journal of Plankton Research

3- The impact of regional landscape context on local maladaptive trait divergence: a field test using freshwater copepod acid tolerance
Negrín Dastis, Jorge O., Alison M. Derry
2016 Evolutionary Ecology

4- Conservation through the lens of (mal)adaptation: concepts and meta‐analysis
Derry, A. M, D. J Fraser, S. P Brady, L Astorg, E.R. Lawrence, G.K Martin, J.‐M Matte, J.O Negrín Dastis, A. Paccard, R.D.H Barrett, L.J Chapman, J.E Lane, C.G Ballas, M Close, E. Crispo
2019 Evolutionary Applications