Guillaume Bourque

Université de Montréal
Membre employé(e) / Employed member candidate

Supervisor: Pierre Legendre
Daniel Boisclair, Université de Montréal
Start: 2012-01-09
End: 2016-06-30


1- Epizoic Algae from Freshwater Turtles in Nova Scotia
Garbary, D. J., G. Bourque, T. B. Herman, J. A. McNeil
2007 Journal of Freshwater Ecology

2- Optimization of temporal versus spatial replication in the development of habitat use models to explain among-reach variations of fish density estimates in rivers
Lanthier, Gabriel, Daniel Boisclair, Guillaume Bourque, Pierre Legendre, Michel Lapointe, Bernard Angers, Jordan Rosenfeld
2013 Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

3- Using regional flow classes as references to analyse flow regime anomalies across a set of regulated Canadian rivers
McLaughlin, Fraser, Michel Lapointe, Guillaume Bourque, Daniel Boisclair
2014 Journal of Hydrology

4- A Comparison of Electrofishing and Visual Surveying Methods for Estimating Fish Community Structure in Temperate Rivers
Macnaughton, C. J., S. Harvey-Lavoie, C. Senay, G. Lanthier, G. Bourque, P. Legendre, D. Boisclair
2015 River Research and Applications

5- The Effects of Regional Hydrologic Alteration on Fish Community Structure in Regulated Rivers
Macnaughton, Camille J., Fraser McLaughlin, Guillaume Bourque, Caroline Senay, Gabriel Lanthier, Simonne Harvey-Lavoie, Pierre Legendre, Michel Lapointe, Daniel Boisclair
2015 River Research and Applications