Noémie Blanchette-Forget

Université Laval
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Claude Lavoie
Start: 2014-09-02
End: 2016-08-31


Predicting the invasive potential of exotic plants according to their native range.
Using international databases, it could be possible to explain why some species become invasive once introduced on a new continent, while others stay confined to small areas. I want to test the hypothesis that the native range of a plant is an excellent predictor of the success of that species in a new territory. This hypothesis will be tested to all North America. Some models already exist, but their complexity makes them hard to apply. My goal is to implement an accurate model with as little parameters as possible, making it usable to a wide spectrum of species.


Aire de répartition, Plantes exotiques, plantes envahissantes, Invasion biologique, Modèle prédictif , Phylogénétique, Patrimoine naturel