Marie Le Mélédo


1 / Influence of Cultural Diversity on Biological Diversity in town ------ 2 / Project Landscape Architecture: ecological and food corridor
Two projects in parallel : - 1 / Memory Research in Anthropology of the Environment with the IRBV and the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. Understand how cultural diversity influences biodiversity in urban areas. Case studies: commuautaires and private gardens on the island of Montreal. - 2 / Porjet Ecological Corridor and food with the IRBV. Objective: Linking biodiversity reserve of Mount Royal to natural areas on the outskirts of the island. Drawing of the first sections of the project from Mount Royal to future Outremont campus and Mount Royal to the ancient Hippodrome of Montreal. Taking into account the ecological water management, urban agriculture and active transportation in this part of the territory.


Conservation bio-culturelle, Biodiversité, corridor, Gestion locale des ressources naturelles, Traitement des eaux, urban agriculture