Franck Stefani

Université de Montréal
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Mohamed Hijri
Start: 2012-11-19
End: 2014-12-31


1- Concordance of seven gene genealogies compared to phenotypic data reveals multiple cryptic species in Australian dermocyboid Cortinarius (Agaricales)
Stefani, Franck O.P., Rodney H. Jones, Tom W. May
2014 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

2- Evaluation of foliar fungal endophyte incidence in field-grown transgenicBtwhite spruce trees
Stefani, F.O.P., J.A. Bérubé
2006 Canadian Journal of Botany

3- Morchella tomentosa: a unique belowground structure and a new clade of morels
Stefani, F. O. P., S. Sokolski, T. L. Wurtz, Y. Piche, R. C. Hamelin, J. A. Fortin, J. A. Berube
2010 Mycologia

4- Current state of genetically modified plant impact on target and non-target fungi
Stefani, F. O.P., R. C. Hamelin
2010 Environmental Reviews

5- Impact of endochitinase-transformed white spruce on soil fungal communities under greenhouse conditions
Lamarche, Josyanne, Franck O.P. Stefani, Armand Séguin, Richard C. Hamelin
2011 FEMS Microbiology Ecology

6- Impact of Endochitinase-Transformed White Spruce on Soil Fungal Biomass and Ectendomycorrhizal Symbiosis
Stefani, F. O. P., P. Tanguay, G. Pelletier, Y. Piche, R. C. Hamelin
2010 Applied and Environmental Microbiology

7- Biodiversity of foliar fungal endophytes in white spruce (Picea glauca) from southern Québec
Stefani, F.O.P., J.A. Bérubé
2006 Canadian Journal of Botany

8- Impact of an 8-Year-Old Transgenic Poplar Plantation on the Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Community
Stefani, F. O. P., J.-M. Moncalvo, A. Seguin, J. A. Berube, R. C. Hamelin
2009 Applied and Environmental Microbiology