Eric Pedersen

Assistant Professor,
Concordia University

Department of Biology
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2015/1 - 2017/3
Post-doctorate, Research Associate, Limnology, University of Wisconsin - Madison

2009/9 - 2015/5
Doctorate Doctor of Philosophy, Biology, McGill University

2003/9 - 2008/5
Bachelor's Honours, Bachelor's of Science, Biology and economics, University of Saskatchewan


Marine and freshwater communities can change rapidly, with once-dominant species suddenly collapsing and previously rare or absent species exploding in abundance. My research focuses on understanding the causes (both human and natural) of these rapid shifts, detecting them as they occur, and understanding the role that spatial variation in species interactions and diversity of movement capacity plays in shaping how resilient fisheries are to these shifts. I use long-term data sets, mathematical and computer models, and modern statistical techniques to better understand these complex systems.

QCBS students

Fonya Irvine

(Start: 2021)
Threshold responses of spatially structured marine communities.

Danielle Mac Rae

(Start: 2020)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Jennifer Sunday
Does variation in dispersal diversity increase metacommunity resilience?

John-Philip Williams

(Start: 2020)
Developing precautionary approach frameworks within changing productivity regimes: a case study of Northern Shrimp (Pandalis borealis), SFAs 4-7

Previous students (since 2009)

Kyle Krumsick

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2021, End: 2023)
Size Spectra Modeling to Assess Productivity, Recovery, and Sustainable Levels of Community Harvesting of Eastern Canadian Marine Shelf Ecosystems