Emma Hudgins

McGill University
Candidat M.Sc.

superviseur(e): Brian Leung
Début: 2015-09-04
Fin: 2018-04-01


Predictive Modelling of Invasive Pest Spread
The number of invasions by non-indigenous species (NIS) is increasing worldwide, and many NIS have been economically devastating to local governments and native diversity. This project will focus on the creation of models for NIS spread that are generalizable across many species through the use of statistical modelling and numerical simulation. The models will focus on geographic, biological, anthropogenic, and genetic factors related to spread. These models could be used to predict the spread of future invaders and forecast the spread of current NIS, and will also account for the lags in observed spread due to the inherent detection process in monitoring NIS. The inclusion of an observation process in modelling the spread of NIS is a useful tool in accurately predicting and forecasting NIS spread.


invasive species, maximum likelihood, bayesian, surveillance, predictive modelling, simulation, detection